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Rendering logic of Portlets in Skeleton files

580797 Member Posts: 68
edited Oct 1, 2008 9:40AM in WebLogic Portal
Hi, Can any one please let me know which skeleton file renders the portlets in WebLogic Portal? The layout JSP files do not have this logic.



  • 580797
    580797 Member Posts: 68
    Hi, I am looking for a JSP which loops through all portlets present in a page and renders them in different place holders. I would like to customize this behaviour in WebLogic Portal 9.2

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    648793 Member Posts: 96
    Why do you want to do that? WLP already renders all the portlet present on a page. What exactly are u trying to achieve? If you want to control the display or not display of a particular portlet then you can use the backing file. if you want to have some control on the page then you can use backing file on the page also.

    Try to write a little more about your requirement.
  • 580797
    580797 Member Posts: 68
    the requirement is that we would like to allow the user to change the order of the portlets present in a page, and save this information in a custom database. we know that this is provided by dynamic visitor tools, but for some reason we do not want to use it. so, now while rendering the portlets in a page, we would like to control the order of the portlets rendered with the information that we have.

    thanks in advance,
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    648793 Member Posts: 96

    The logic for your requirement goes in page.jsp and XXXlayout.jsp. These files are found your skeletons folders. You can use XXXlayout.jsp to render you content using REST and DISK framwork. for the database operation you can use page backing file.
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    211821 Member Posts: 3
    edited Oct 1, 2008 3:33AM

    I also have the same kind of requirement to reorder portlets on page based on some information in the custom user database. I don't want use the bea rest and disc api calls because of few methods conficts with our firm api. I don't want use the weblogic DVT framework also.
    How to reorder/reposition portlets at server side without using DVT, REST or DISC API?

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  • 648832
    648832 Member Posts: 88
    You can programatically move placeables around on a page (server-side) using the PageDefinitionControl or PageInstanceControl, so that might be worth looking into:

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