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Session Property Set not available in Portal Administration Console

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edited Sep 25, 2008 5:49PM in WebLogic Portal
We have a Portal Application (WLP 10.0 MP1) that needs to have visitor entitlements applied to allow some customization based upon a Session Property Set. The property set has been defined in Workshop and the .ses file is now included in our Portal EAR file in the /META-INF/data directory. When the EAR is deployed on a local (winXP) domain the property set is then available in the portal admin console and can be used to build entitlements. When the EAR is deployed to our test server (Solaris 10) the property set does not become available in the portal admin console. Both servers are in development mode and already have a previous version of the EAR deployed in streaming mode.

Is there anything obvious that needs to be done to ensure that a property set is enabled when deploying a new EAR?


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    Hi arj,

    Your .ses file should not be in meta-inf/data folder.

    You have to create a datasync project. under session you have to create a session property set and then you have to include that data sync project in your ear.

    And you will be able to see your property sets in admin console.


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    edited Sep 19, 2008 10:50AM
    We are actually performing the portal EAR build using maven but are creating the same directory layout as is created by Workshop when a data sync project is used and an EAR exported, i.e. the contents of the data sync project ends up in the EAR /META-INF/data directory.

    The mystery here is that the property set correctly deploys in one environment but not in another. I'd really like to know whether there are any particular tricks to the property set deployment and what the deployent process actually does. Could issues with the target environment prevent correct deployment of the property set?
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    I think the only reason is that when development mode you are deploying your application as exploded one. So it is reading your properties from file systems. But on other environment you are deploying as an EAR and some how your properties are beeing beling loaded from database.

    Please go through this document. You may find a clue
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