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Can OBIEE use Bind Variables?

I'm doubtful that we'd want to use them for warehouse queries, but I'm being posed the question. Has anyone used them in OBIEE?

[Here is a brief synopsis on them.|]

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    edited Sep 24, 2008 12:37PM
    The SQL generated (you can see for yourself) contains literal values within the predicates.

    That article is fine for OLTP, Datawarehouses are the exception to the rule regarding BIND variable usage.

    Tom Kyte has written a blog on this which I will try to find it and post.

    Couldn't find the actual blog think it was last year some time but this thread explains a lot:

    [Binds in DW|]

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    I checked with Oracle support and it is official - OBIEE does not support bind variables.
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    You can make a workaround, using the connection scripts:


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