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Sping Portlets - Calling Muliple portlets.

laknarayan Member Posts: 14
edited Oct 1, 2008 11:38AM in WebLogic Portal

I am working on Spring based Portlet Application on Weblogic Portal 10.2.

I will be developing muliple (5) portlets 1. Sales, 2. Order 3. Mgmt 4.Search 5. Common Menu.
It is a 2 column layout; the common Menu Portet is associated with left and all other portlets to right.

The common menu portlets has menu's like below.

|------Add Sales
|------Edit Sales
|------Delete Order

If one of the sub menu has chosen; the respective action of corresponding portlet should be called.
Is it doable?

If this best idea of organizing the portlets like this.

Help me.



  • 648793
    648793 Member Posts: 96
    Why Are you creating portlets for menu. You should use the menu functionality for this . Please go through this URL

    Once you create your menu, then you can two pages on your portal. Sales, and Order. Sales tab can have AddSales/Edit Sales and Order page can have order portlet.
  • laknarayan
    laknarayan Member Posts: 14

    I agree your idea.
    Now i have menu as .jsp file and that is associated with left colum.
    And the right colum is associated with 4 portlets.

    Now by clicking of one of the menu (ex. Order-->New Order); i need to call respective URL.
    The URL is mapped in order-portlet-context.xml file using Spring implementation.

    how to do that?

    When i call a specific action using <portlet:action .. tag; it is simply refreshing the page.

  • 648793
    648793 Member Posts: 96
    Though i have never worked on spring portlets but i think they are JSR168 portlets.

    What you need to do is to associate your menu to the book, in the navigation properties. Then you have to add two pages for that book.

    if you are modifying some existing menu.jsp then you can see that all your need to do is to change the HTML code in that jsp, so that it renders the menu the way you want it to. Menu.jsp already has a code to change the page when you click on the menu, something like <render:pageUrl pageLabel="<%=pageCtx.getDefinitionLabel()%>"/>.

    The last thing would be to add your JSR168 portlets on the pages.

    At run time when you click op the menu, you page will get activated and hence your portlet will be called/shown by the WLP. So the idea is not to call the portlets but to call the respective pages which has the portlets. whatever page is selected the, portlet on that page will be displayed.
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