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Portal roadmap

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edited Oct 14, 2008 6:55PM in WebLogic Portal
I heard in a webminar from CMSWatch, that the BEA WLP and AquaLogic Portal servers are being retired and future strategy for Portal will be Oracle Application Portal server. I could not find any documentation supporting that claim from OTN... Firstly is this true, secondly is there a documentation that you can point me to the facts...



  • 655221
    655221 Member Posts: 116
    It sounds like that webinar had some things mixed up about Oracle WebLogic Portal (previously WLP).

    Here is a quote from the Oracle WebLogic Portal Statement of Direction: "Oracle plans to continue supporting and developing Oracle WebLogic Portal as standards and market requirements evolve. Oracle has retained the product development staff located in Boulder, Colorado, who will continue to work on future releases of the product."

    At the Oracle OpenWorld 2008 conference a few weeks back, Oracle announced that Oracle WebLogic Portal is bundled with Oracle WebCenter Suite: "Demonstrating its commitment to existing BEA customers, Oracle is also announcing the availability of Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g Release 3 and its immediate inclusion as part of Oracle WebCenter Suite."

    For an analysis from a 3rd party, here is some stuff from Gartner. Oracle WebLogic Portal is planned to be one of the "Products that will be supported in their current form and converged with strategic products by integrating their distinctive capabilities into the now-strategic alternatives (referred to by Oracle as 'continue and converge' products)", where the strategic product is Oracle WebCenter:
  • geoff garcia
    geoff garcia Member Posts: 423
    edited Oct 14, 2008 6:55PM
    "I heard in a webminar from CMSWatch AquaLogic Portal servers are being retired and future strategy for Portal will be Oracle Application Portal server"

    That is counter to everything I've heard in the months following the acquisition.
    Here is a synopsis from the recent OpenWorld:
    "ALUI will be around and recognizable for a LONG time, and judging by what we saw at OracleWorld, there are lots of exciting new technologies just around the corner that will make it even more valuable."
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