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How to get Portal page data in PL/SQL

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edited Oct 15, 2008 11:50AM in WebLogic Portal

I have a oracle portal and i created a portlet in it. In its Pl/sql space i am writing a wrapper which calls a procedure in the database.
I have dymaically created a html page through pl/sql.
I am able to display the data in the form but my requriement is i have a text box in the form and i need to reteive that value in my Pl/SQL procedure to perform further operations.

My problem is how do i retrieve a value present in the form in my Pl/Sql procedure

Let me know for any concerns.



  • Asif M. Naqvi
    Asif M. Naqvi Member Posts: 785 Silver Badge
    will need a little information here.

    when you say you have created a portlet, do you mean you have created a 'form'? what type of form is it - form based on procedure or based on table?
    have you called this portlet/form in any page as a portlet?
    are you trying to get values from a textbox in your form to be received by the procedure underlying the form?
    is the procedure you mentioned, goes into the additional pl/sql code for that form/portlet?
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