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Multiple values in a variable

561241 Member Posts: 187
edited Oct 27, 2008 4:13AM in Data Integrator
I wish to store the records of employee table which has multiple columns and multiple records in it. How can I do that with ODI variable ?

EmpNo EmpName Design
1 E1 Software Engineer
2 E2 Software Engineer
3 E3 Senior Software Engineer

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  • Shamil
    Shamil Member Posts: 181
    edited Oct 16, 2008 6:22AM
    ODI variable has a refresh option to put a query in it.


    why would you need that? why not to store records in a table?
  • 626704
    626704 Member Posts: 214

    You can use a ODI refresh variable, but some limitations in that refreshing query.

    Refreshing query should return an single row as well as single field (If you need all the fields of a record means you must append the all the fields into a single field.Then only that variable will works.

  • 656835
    656835 Member Posts: 15

    I think that the Shamil's idea is the best. You can create table in the Sunopsis Engine technology. It's like a database built into the ODI. For now there are some system tables which ODI needs, but you can create some tables for your own.

    Also if you want to store more complicated structures you write a class in Jython language and use it as you wish. I recommend Jython, cause it's really powerful tool in ODI as you can add any Java class you like.

    Good luck.
  • 561241
    561241 Member Posts: 187
    If I am using Oracle database (all my source , staging and targets are on Oracle), can I use the Sunopsis Engine technology ?
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