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Load test with OIM/OAM/ESSO. What function should be tested? And how?

SatitAuputtinun Member Posts: 19
edited Oct 28, 2008 1:50PM in Identity Manager
Dear IDM guys,

As the test team, I have to test the IDM solution at customer site. The test environment has fully configured OIM/OAM/ESSO with 14 target applications (ESSO use Active Directory as storage).
Other that functional test, the customer ask us to do the performance test as well but he doesn't know what function we should do the performance test and so do I.

To do load test (using tool like Mercury Load Runner) with OIM admin console doesn't make sense to me since user won't use the console that often.
The criteria I can think of is how much CPU/Memory utilization on Active Directory when 500 concurrent user synchronize ESSO credential with AD. But I've got no idea how to simulate that many synchronization requests.

Do you have an experience on performance test with IDM?
The idea of what to do and how to do would be great help. Thank you.

Thank you in advance
Satit Auputtinun


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    558885 Member Posts: 122
    - You can test the Access Server by desigining a multi-threaded test-suite which uses AccessServerSDK's Policy Manager API and Access API to test AuthN/AuthZ. You can do this in Java using tools like JUnit or JMeter.
    - You can also make use of LoadRunner to stress test each target application (though the JUnit/JMeter approach actually tests the OAM Access Infrastructure for load from any application in general).

    - I don't know what your environment looks like. But generally in Production environments, end users do use the Administration Console to create and administer users. So, running LoadRunner on the OIM Admin Console would be one of the recommendations.
    - You can use OIM APIs to write Java code and test User Provisioning for a few 1000 users and generate a performance report for each run and per user creation.
    - In manual testing, you can setup Reconciliation for 1000s of users and record the time taken for each reconciliation to test the performance of the infrastructure.

  • Hi Shetty,

    Thank you very much. Your response is very helpful. Now I ask developer team to write some program to generate a few thousands of provisioning operation.
    The one remaining for testing is about ESSO performance. Can I write some program to test as well? It's may be very tough since dev guys told me there is no API manual from Passlogix.
    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,
    Satit Auputtinun
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    558885 Member Posts: 122
    In my opinion, API testing for ESSO is not possible. Which are the modules in ESSO that you are using? Following are the ideas I can think of:
    ESSO Logon Manager: I know WinRunner is one of the ways to test complete functionality of ESSO-LM. I have never used Load-Runner on ESSO, but you might want to check if you can generate load using that.
    ESSO Password Reset: This can only be tested manually, since ESSO-PR is invoked before logging onto Windows machine.
    ESSO Authentication Manager: If you are using a combination of tokens and smart cards, then you have to test this manually. If you are using passwords, then you might be able to automate the actions using WinRunner/LoadRunner.
    ESSO Provisioning Gateway: Since this process is invoked by OIM, you will be able to generate load on this ESSO module by using OIM Provisioning API to provision large number of users.
    ESSO Kiosk Manager: I don't know too much about this module, but if this involves Windows login-logout, then you may not be able to automate this. Else, you can use WinRunner/LoadRunner.

    My advise is that you ask the developers to give you a complete demo for the usage of ESSO and then you can judge accordingly on which tools can be used for testing the same.

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