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XML, iFS and InterMediaI.

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I have read a paper of Technet about XML and iFS...I've a doubt.
I know that in XMLs the information is structured, so I can save this structured information in a RDBMS.
Then, with the help of InterMedia and iFS, I can do some queries (with contains, etc) that aims the data mining process.

I am very interested in downloading information from the web -in HTML format- and save it to the RDBMS for this purpose.
Is it possible?, I know that it is for XML format, but for HTML format?

Can Oracle Darwin use this information?

Thanks in advance.


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    3004 Member Posts: 204,171
    By default, iFS can index HTML documents, and you can search the body just like any other indexed document, such as XML and Word. iFS does not, however, parse HTML files and extract structured data. It does do this for XML files. You can write your own "html parser" to support this level of functionality.
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