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Regarding BI Dashboard

714993 Member Posts: 1

I want to install BI for Dashboard ..

Please tell me how to instatll it?

Kindly provide link of it.

Thanks in advance.


  • User_71SVP
    User_71SVP Member Posts: 14 Blue Ribbon
    Hi ,

    you only need OBIEE to install with JDK 1.6 (or latest ) installed on your machine.
    also there is a good post here

    and if you also want to experiment with sample schema database try installing SH (sales History) or the Paint repository to know how the dashboards works
    then later you can connect to your desired database to create Dashboards.

    as you are looking just for dashboards for BI ,also one nice tool available with drill down,PDF,excel output etc tool online just for Dashboards is

  • 66787
    66787 Member Posts: 484
    Is JDK 1.6 supported, my understanding is only JDK 1.5 is supported, though JDK 1,5 will be desupported by Sun (now Oracle) by end of oct 09
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