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OBIEE and Project Analytics

We have just installed OBIEE for Project Analytics. We installed all the components - BI Server, DAC server, Informatica,etc,etc. To use it, we dont know where to start from. We need to connect it to our Vision application and pull the project information.

When I login to the dashboard through http://xxxx:9704/analytics, it gives me dashboard with OVerview, Ranks&Toppers, HIstory&Benching, Tiering&Distribution pages. We want to looks at project details using Project Analytics. How do we do that.

Any help is really appreciated.



  • Madan Thota
    Madan Thota Member Posts: 839
    Are you able to see any data in dashboards. If not then you have to do data loads using DAC and Informatica.

    If you already have data loaded, then for creating custom reports you have to use Answers component for analyzing the data more.
  • 716277
    716277 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for your reply. We do not see any data. That is where we need help. Therer is DAC and there is Informatica. We dont know how to run these, in what order to load that data. If you can point us to the right place, it would really help us.

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