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Displaying value of Repository variable as Column heading

Hello Experts

How is it possible to display the value of repository variable as a column heading in the table view in OBI Answers?

Any suggestion or work around on would be of great help.

Thanks in Advance.



  • David_T
    David_T Member Posts: 2,432
    Not sure what the purpose of your request is, but if you just wish to display the value of the repository value, you can do this: Add a column to your workspace, then click on the fx button. Delete the column information and click on Variable>Repository... and type your repository variable name.

    If you don't want to view the variable in the column itself, you can hide the column. Note the position of the column, say it is the 5th column. Go to the Narrative view and type @5 and you can have the variable display in a separate view.

    You can have dynamic column headers using Presentation Variables...

    I am not aware of using a repository variable in a column header, though...
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