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Clearing Data In HFM

745167 Member Posts: 6
edited Apr 5, 2010 8:36PM in Financial Data Management
I need to force a clear for an entity/period. Is there a way to do that in FDM? I just don't see it in the documentation.

I have a situtation where I load a location with the "replace", then I have another load for the same location that should do both a "replace" for some of the rows, and an "accumulate" for other rows, due to some data hitting the same intersections as the first load, and some data going to completely different intersections. If a user loads Load1, then Load2 the first time using "replace" for load1 and "accumulate" for load2, then it works fine. However, if the user then needs to reload, loading load1 with "replace" is fine, then load2 with "accum" will accumulate the intersections that are not part of the first load1, meaning that it accumulates with what was previously loaded, thus doubling those values.

I would think there's a simple solution for this, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks!


  • 657263
    657263 Member Posts: 292

    The first thing you need to understand is that FDM does not do the loading of the data into HFM. It is all done via public HFM API. What I mean by that is, FDM can only leverage the functionality that HFM has. Meaning you are only as strong as your weakest link.

    What you need to do is take the .DAT files that FDM generates manually and see if there is a way (via HFM Win32 client) to do what you need. If you can not, then it isn't a limitation of FDM but a limitation of HFM.... and it isn't a product defect/limitation.

    You can then probably go back to FDM and create some "scripting" to get around it .... but that is about it.

    Hopefully this helps....
  • 745167
    745167 Member Posts: 6
    OK, so maybe I'm missing something. I use FDM to map and load data into HFM. That works great. But am I to understand correctly that FDM can't send a request to clear out data in HFM prior to loading fresh data into HFM?

    If this is the case, how do people do this? I can only assume that somebody needs to do this. No?
  • TonyScalese
    TonyScalese Member Posts: 1,108 Bronze Trophy
    If you use the Replace option when loading data to HFM from FDM, it will clear the subcube for each entity that you are loading. This is the default behavior of HFM. The point made in the prior post is that FDM uses the HFM API to perform the data load so the clear behavior is a function of the HFM API.

    Hopefully that is helpful.
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