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FDM 11 using FM11x-G5-C to load to HFM 9.3.1

AndyTauro Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge
edited May 20, 2010 12:34PM in Financial Consolidation
Hi, we're upgrading our Hyperion system (9.3.1) to Oracle EPM 11 ( in phases and as part of this, we need to leave HFM at 9.3.1 and upgrade FDM to

We have set up the interface such that the FDM 11 installation can connect to the HFM 9.3.1 application using FM11x-G5-C adapter (browse for target value works). But while using a lights-out process using the batch-loader, it fails to load to HFM, with the error "-2146233088-Unable to open file <FDM_outbox_dir>\49-051010154259.Log" and error ends in "File: CHsvDataLoad.cpp;Line: 2564;Ver:; At Line: 486".
The last piece of the error message indicates that the error is originating in HFM. My guess is that FDM 11 puts this file in a location different than what FDM 9.3.1 used to (on the basis that Oracle changed log file locations in version 11). Would this be a correct assumption?
However, the EPM compatibility matrix indicates that FDM is compatible with HFM 9.3.x, so this shouldn't be the case.

Any help/pointers are appreciated.



  • AndyTauro
    AndyTauro Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge
    We got beyond this point, by changing the FDM application path to UNC format (\\servername\FDMData\.....)

    Now it fails after the load options dialog box with the error ...
    Description...................................... Stream Failed, Invalid file path provided!

    It is looking for a ua2 file under the FDM application folder. There exists a ua1 file. Not sure what these files are ... any help would really be appreciated.
  • AndyTauro
    AndyTauro Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge
    The issue was because HFM 11 was also installed on the server. The HFM 11 client cannot load to the 9.3.1 HFM application.

    I replaced the HFM client's files with the files from the 9.3.1 server, and was then able to load the file using the client successfully. But it did not help for FDM. Most probably it is was DCOM config issue.

    Since I need this set up only for a few weeks, I have set up the file system to output files to a shared folder and use batch loader on the target server to pick up and load the files.
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