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HE641 Loading Extract

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edited Jun 14, 2010 3:44AM in Financial Consolidation
While attempting to reload an extract in Hyperion Enterprise 6.4.1, I get multiple messages. Can anyone help me decipher their meaning? I am pretty new at this.
Here they are;
Line 67: Invalid security class CAT_ACTUAL. – Confirmed not in CEStst app.
Line 102: Module Organization: Cannot lock Entity Load.
Line 151: Module SubNodesByPer: Cannot lock Entity Load.
Line 192: Module Organization: Cannot lock Entity Load.
Line 4470: Module Entity Load: Category is required to load Ownership by period.
Line 42332: Module Entity list load: Cannot lock Organization.
Line 45005: Module Accounts: Cannot lock Organizations.
Line 51985: Invalid security class ENTITY_PFR.
Module Application Load: Cannot lock Organization.
Line 52683: Module Organization: Cannot lock ASCII Load.


  • CBarbieri
    CBarbieri Member Posts: 1,011 Gold Trophy
    In Enterprise as in HFM, the metadata contains security classes. These must exist before the metadata can be loaded, so you have to first load the security extract file before you can load metadata. This explains your first error.

    The other errors might be due to loading metadata while other users are in the system. If this is the case, you have to ensure no one else is in the application while you load the security, application, or logic files.

    HFM on the other hand does allow you to load the system files while users are in the system, but they will receive a "logoff" command right after the files are loaded.

  • Hi -
    when loading in to enterprise the order is

    Recompile formula's

    But as the loadup is usually into a "file type" rather than in to SQL you do need to have exclusive access to the application, but load into the app is usually very fast.

    If you do this then I'd expect your fatal messages to disappear.

    You may sometimes get an error message due to loading up "unassigned" in security but in my experience thats usual don't bother about it, and it won't overwrite your admin user and password ( the one first set up when the application was created)

    Hope this helps
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