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where is a good and appropriate place to sell old Sun hardware?

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i've been digging through my old Sun hardware collection and finding a lot of things I just don't need, like SBus cards, memory modules, CPU modules, etc. I know I can throw it on ebay, but I hate selling anything on ebay and I'd rather use a "Sun" focused venue. I don't intend to get much for most of this old stuff, but i'd rather see it go to someone who might use it than to the electronic waste recyclers.

so, are there any mailing lists, online forums, etc. where i can find the right audience? (I didn't find a "classifieds" or "for sale" section in these forums, so I didn't want to post anything here unless that sort of thing is relatively common and appropriate here)



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    to name a few where you can offer components/systems:

    o [Sun-at-Home mailing list|] with the [archived messages|]

    o Usenet newsgroups comp.sys.sun.hardware, (only in german, mainly PC components)

    o If located in Quebec/Canada there is SunQuebec. Members are from french speaking countries, mainly Quebec and some members in France or Switzerland.

    Today these components and systems go usually for free (shipping charges or collect) ...
    Even systems that went EOL 2 or 4 years ago are now affordable for home users.

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    I am actually looking into setting up my own dedicated server and workstation at home but I have not got a clue where to start, so if you have any advice of any second hand hardware u think I might need then please advise?


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