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EPM multi home environment on AIX

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edited May 10, 2011 6:45AM in EPM System Infrastructure

we are looking for an approach how to setup EPM on AIX (multi homed).
The server has several NICs, which respectively have a static IP and a name matching to that IP.

One of them is equal to the servername (invoking hostname on the shell - let's call it host123), another one, we would like to use, is let's say

When running the config utility, the utility resolves the hostname host123 (as if resulting from invoking the command hostname), so finally we can not use for the configuration the name that is bound to another NIC (what actually we would like to do) -

Temporarily for configuration purposes the hostname host123 was changed to, and the epm registry configured with that finally. So far everything was ok.
After configuration the hostname was changed back to host123, then the epm services started.

This action actually added some new entries for application registration in the epm registry, pointing now to host123, (the old entries pointing to are there, too), and
consequently the registered applications are not usable: e.g. Essbase is not appearing in applications groups at all.

Does somebody have an idea how to solve this? Is there any variable, that can be set in the user's environment to influence the hostname ?

A multi homed environment seems not to be that uncommon nowadays..

Ideas, hints are very appreciated.



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    577352 Member Posts: 7
    additional info - the WHY:

    why we do this excercise is, to have the option - once the server is broken - to mount the filesystem onto another server (or LPAR)
    switching in the same time the IP and service name to the new server.

    The mountpoints are identically setup on each of the servers, enabling a kind of system availability.

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