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EPM Installation - Administrator User Account

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edited Sep 1, 2011 6:18AM in EPM System Infrastructure

Since we are doing an implementation on a distributed server architecture, i would like to confirm whether the administrator user account used for Installations for multiple EPM servers ( server1 - Essbase, Server 2- Foundation services & FDM, Server 3 - HFM ) integrated with common shared services should be done with same user id or different user id's with same privileges.

During configuration also, we require to use the administrator user account for FDM & HFM, hence let me know whether it would be gud practice to create a specific EPM user id for all installation & configuration needs?

Please share your valuable inputs.



  • D_EPM
    D_EPM Member Posts: 81

    When you say Administrator account, are you talking of the Server Administrator account or Shared Services Admin Account.
    If you are asking talking of a Server Administrator account, its always better to use a same administrator across servers.
    For FDM you would need a different with administrator equivalent privileages.

    If you are talking of SS admin, its still better to use a single account to configure everything.

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    Dinesh Rao
  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    It is worth creating an administrator account on the machines and using that for the installs/configurations, make sure you always use that account for any changes to configurations or installations. I think it states somewhere in the install docs not to use the default administrator account.
    If you create an administrator account for the install/configs then that could be used for FDM and HFM or you can create a new administrator account if you want to keep them all separate.


  • On Windows machines, do not use the Administrator user to install and configure. Run EPM System Installer and EPM System Configurator as a user with administrator rights.

    Refer Page 96 of

  • 784361
    784361 Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.

    The above implementation will be on EPM

    When we create such a generic administrator user account for EPM installation & configuration, then while applying any passport protection policy to autoexpire in 3 months for these user accounts based on the customer site demands, what will be the impact of the EPM applications since it was configured already using the user account and now the password wll change in every 3 months..

    Or this user account has to be set compulsorily as non-expire account.. Please advise..

    with regards,
  • 552406
    552406 Member Posts: 194
    If user password is geting changed you need to change the password for HFM and FDM.. There is no change require for any other products.


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