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oracleadapter without selecting

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Hi 2 all,

I've just started to work with .net & odp & my first assignment is to transfer some data from excel file
into an existing table in the DB.
some of the values from the file exist in the table & just need to be updated
whilst the others are new & need to be inserted & I don't have an indication which is which.
also the values in the excel are of type general & the types in the DB are of type 'number' & 'clob'.

what I've tried so far is to extract the data from the excel using OLEDB jet provider
convert it to the correct format & fill a datatable. from here I need to do some sort of
sql that will do update if the record exists or insert if it doesn't.

my questions:
1 - am i doing the correct process or is there a better faster shorter alternative?
2 - can i use oracleadapter to do the update & insert for me even though i did not initially selected data from the DB & the datatable i have
can't be marked which row to insert & which to update?
3 - can i use the merge statement with DUAL to do the 'UPSERT' or is it not safe?

any help would be great.
thanks in advance,
avi the newbie
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