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Executing a procedure hosted in an external Oracle database from APEX

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edited Jan 5, 2010 2:08AM in APEX Discussions
Hi gurus,

What is the best way to execute an Oracle procedure that is located at an external Oracle database server which is NOT the same database server which APEX application is loaded? Should I use "Database Link"? Any suggestions?



  • Rajesh C
    Rajesh C Member Posts: 461 Blue Ribbon

    Yes. you can execute the stored procedure if you have the right privileges.

    From the Oracle Documentation..

    The great advantage of database links is that they allow users to access another user's objects in a remote database so that they are bounded by the privilege set of the object owner. In other words, a local user can access a link to a remote database without having to be a user on the remote database

    For example, assume that employees submit expense reports to Accounts Payable (A/P), and further suppose that a user using an A/P application needs to retrieve information about employees from the hq database. The A/P users should be able to connect to the hq database and execute a stored procedure in the remote hq database that retrieves the desired information. The A/P users should not need to be hq database users to do their jobs; they should only be able to access hq information in a controlled way as limited by the procedure.


    Check this link.

    Hope this helps,

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