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Regions within Regions?



  • Sc0tt
    Sc0tt Member Posts: 1,708
    You can do a Region within a Region in 4.0. Basically you can pick a parent region and it will put your other region inside that.
  • Earl Lewis
    Earl Lewis Member Posts: 2,173 Silver Badge
    edited Jan 19, 2010 12:17PM
    All layout questions in Apex are dependent upon how comfortable you are with HTML and CSS, no matter which version of Apex you are using. If you're not comfortable with HTML/CSS and you want Apex to do it for you you'll want to watch for new layout options in Apex 4.0.

    In any prior versions you can create custom region templates (HTML/CSS) that give you very fine grained control over layout and placement. You can see an example here that I'm working on now, which is using a custom 3 column DIV based layout.

    This is Apex 3.2 and similar to the approach that is being taken in Apex 4.0. The Apex developers simply put more time and attention into getting away from purely table-based layout alternatives in Apex 4.0.

    If you're not comfortable digging into the HTML of custom region templates let me know and I can take a shot at doing the side by side regions.


    Ooops. Meant that last comment for the OP, not you ScOtt. 8-p

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  • oats
    oats Member Posts: 120
    edited Jan 19, 2010 1:58PM
    Scott, I have been experimenting with subregions, though I didn't mention that in the first post I made. They seem to offer just a part of what one might need to have region layout be 'simple' - as simple as most of apex is. Like, for a regular region, you can indicate what column it is supposed to go in. But you can't do that for subregions; there is no column setting.

    I'd want to lay out a page like this:

    Region1 This region spans the entire page Region1

    Region2 span 50% of page Region3 span 50% of page
    Region4 child of Region2 Region6 child Region3 / Region7 child Region3
    Region5 child of Region2

    I don't see how I can do that with APEX 4, 'out of the box'.

    I do know html etc. I can check around to see how people are managing this stuff. But, I'm surprised that this kind of layout stuff is not really simple in apex. Apex makes a lot of really complicated stuff very easy; this ought to be easy by comparison. I've seen other frameworks that let you create tables and rows and cells via the same kind of node based interface that apex 4 offers, and I'd guess that for folks building apex, it'd be easy to add that kind of feature. So if you confirm that the feature that I'm looking for is not in apex 4, I may create a feature request for it.

    Oops I see my layout above does not render here well; I don't see a 'code' formatting option. Anyways I mean by that layout I mean something not too diff from what some of the posts higher up in this thread show.
  • Sc0tt
    Sc0tt Member Posts: 1,708
    I know it is more complicated than other frameworks for laying things out, but it is a tradeoff I think. It is aimed at the traditional Oracle developer who may be strong on pl/sql and less on traditional web technologies. For me to be able to plug in a query and seamlessly have it parse, bind and return the results in a table far outweighs the few times I need to do a different layout. It's not perfect, but that's why they give you templates so you can write your own HTML.

    Kind of depends on what project you're doing, but I tend to work on internal business applications. The users want to put data in and get data out - they don't really care if things are side by side, flashy, jquery'y or whatnot. As long as it is fairly presentable, it's just another web page to input data. That's why I find it to be a good framework - I've defined a set of templates and can now just copy them over and have all new applications look consistent.

    I guess it is what it is :)
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