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How to export hidden field to Excel (CSV)

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edited Feb 11, 2010 1:24PM in APEX Discussions

I would like to export my report to Excel. There are some hidden fields (lat modification date of the record, primary key column etc.) that are not displayed on the screen but the user would like to have it in the export output.

Can I persuade Apex to export not only displayed items to the CSV file? Currently Apex seems to ignore all report columns that are not displayed.



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    1. Unhide the hidden filed which you want to show by ticking the show checkbox.

    2. Edit that column -> go to condition tab
    select PL/SQL expression in condition type and in expression enter apex_application.g_excel_format = TRUE

    apex_application.g_excel_format = TRUE hides the field on report but will export it.

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    729883 Member Posts: 39
    Thanks, it works!
  • RD
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    Hi Shijesh,

    I have an interactive report column that I do not want to be part of my csv export.
    Is there a way I can do that similar to your reply below .
    I tried this :
    apex_application.g_excel_format = FALSE thinking that it would show up on the report but not be included in the export but it did not work.
    Sorry to bump it in this post but I started a new post but haven't found any reply.
    Also are these documented somewhere for reference ?

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