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OCI and ORA-24315

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edited Jul 26, 2013 10:39AM in PHP
Hi all,

I have a problem connecting to an oracle database using oci, I'm all out of options, so I hope you can help me..

I installed a WAMPserver on a Windows Server machine.
I've also downloaded instantclient_11_1, and made a PATH entry to this locatiion.
I also set the following in php.ini:
+;extension=php_oci8.dll ; Use with Oracle 10gR2 Instant Client+
extension=php_oci8_11g.dll ; Use with Oracle 11g Instant Client
if I run phpinfo() I see an OCI8 section.

This machine has OracleXE installed and is also in a network where an oracle11g db is installed.

I have the following code in index.php:

echo "Hello world!";
*$conn = oci_connect('hr', 'welcome', 'localhost/XE');*

*if (!$conn) {*
*$e = oci_error();*
trigger_error(htmlentities($e['message']), E_USER_ERROR);

This results in:

Hello world!
*Warning: oci_connect() [function.oci-connect]: ORA-24315: illegal attribute type in C:\wamp\www\index.php on line 3*

Fatal error: ORA-24315: illegal attribute type in C:\wamp\www\index.php on line 7

I am pretty sure that my code is correct, It seems to me that oci functions per definition generate an ORA-24315 error.
Any help is welcome

Grtz Sake


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