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cx_Oracle, Python 2.4.4 and Oracle 11g

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edited Apr 7, 2010 11:41AM in Python
Does anyone know if it is possible to build/install cx_Oracle on a Solaris 10 Sun Box using Python 2.4.4 and Oracle 11g (Database) software? If so, how do I make it happen.

I get a ELFCLASS64 error and everything I read suggests that I need 32-bit Oracle libraries (which don't appear to get installed anymore).



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    Please follow the following route:
    I believe you will be using Python 2.4.4 on a 32-bit machine:
    There are cx_oracle versions for Python 2.4 in the main download page:
    If it doesn't work for you
    1. Download oracle instance client from
    2. Download cx_Oracle source from and use README in the tar file and simple build your module with python2.4.4 install

    Husnu Sensoy
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