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Can I directly access Oracle on XP from Windows Mobile 5 or 6?

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I develop an application on Windows Mobile 5 handheld device (smart device) which needs to access Oracle Database 10g or 11g on Windows XP Professional.

Microsoft .NET Compact Framework allow access(SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE data) Microsoft SQL Server 2005 by using System.Data.SqlClient (ADO.NET) via wireless network under Visual Studio 2008:

SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(@Data Source=\SQLSERVER2005,1433;Initial Catalog=TracAsset;User ID=sa;Password=mypassword;);

I'd like to know

1. Can my program directly access Oracle DB on XP from Windows Mobile device?

2. If there aren't any way to acceess Oracle DB directly, how about Oracle Database Lite? I want to retrieve data from Oracle or save data in Oracle when my handheld triggers an event

Thank you very much!


  • Hi,

    There's currently no Oracle provider that will run on Mobile and directly access Oracle. I don't know about the 3rd party providers though.

    OLITE is a mini database you sync up with Oracle periodically, and then you can query the olite database. If the very latest live info isnt necessary, perhaps that would work for you.

    Maybe exposing the data via a web service, and then accessing the web service from the mobile would be something that would help.

    Hope it helps, corrections/comments welcome

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