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customise interactive report add spatial filter operations

Hi there,

I am currently doing a project in APEX involving spatial data. I am interested to know if it is possible to extend the existing interactive reports to include spatial filters / operators. I have seen on this page: that you can make 'links' to interactive reports, so the parameters the user provides can be used in the 'custom' interactive query.. but the question for me is how to include the required SQL in the statement that apex executes. Also, how to modify the form interface in the UI for building the filter. An example SQL might be something like this:

-- select everything from table 1 within 100 meters of the specified feature in table 2
SELECT t1.record_id, t1.field1, t1.field2
FROM table1 t1, table2 t2
WHERE t2.record_id=2 and SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE(t1.geometry, t2.geometry, 'distance=100 unit=meter') = 'TRUE';

Why do i want to include this in the interactive report stuff ? well i like the idea of the applied spatial filter being listed alongside the others with the ticks that can be enabled/disabled, and i'd rather all the filters be presented in one place. Later, a map should show the subset of the records after all the (non)/spatial filters are applied.

I have some vague idea that maybe i should be using a column that is a function accepting parameters (maybe using a view?) to hide the spatial stuff from apex, but i thought i'd ask if anyone has done anything like this before and has any tips.


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