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Need help building an Address Book

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I am quite new too Java programing. In our course we have to design and build an Address book. One must be able to add contacts, edit (info), delete, sort by name and sort by zip. And it has to have a nice GUI. Since I really am not that sharp in JAVA, how do I begin? And where do I begin? Where can I find the information needed to build this?

Thanks in advance


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    edited Feb 13, 2007 5:27AM
    If you have never done anything with/in Java, start here:

    After you've mastered the syntax/beginning, read about classes and objects which you need to create your own classes. For example: Contact and AddressBook:

    That AddressBook will have to hold some sort of collection which holds all your Contacts. Read about Java's built-in collection classes here:

    Then you need to be able to sort the Contacts in the AddressBook. Read this tutorial about how to sort your collection:

    When everything I posted above works, and your deadline hasn't expired yet, built a GUI around it. Read (a part of) this tutorial how to write GUI's in Java:

    Good luck.
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    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    Thanks! I'll try. Otherwise I'll post back up here for help. :P
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