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sl - 275

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Hey everyone, i have a fair knowledge in java and i thought i'd take a few exams. I'm going to buy the CD for sl-275 and was wondering if there's an exam i could do for it? the exam cx-310-055 or even 35 put sl-275 as A SUPPORTING COURSE only. now is there any exam at all that basically requires that i know sl-275 and ONLY sl-275? I checked teh site out and i saw 019 (associate) and 035/55 (programmer) but nothing for sl-275. so is this the end of the road for me and i should try to focus on 035 instead or is there some place i didnt look at yet? :D thnx


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    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    The course doesn't include an exam and doesn't prepare completely or exclusively for any particular exam.

    The SCJP exam is the logical next step after taking the course and studying some, but the course does NOT contain all material you need to know for the exam (and contains some that's not included in the exam).

    SCJA is an alternative to SCJP for people who find SCJP too difficult (hard, but it could happen).
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    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    ok thnx for ur help. i'v decided to buy that product they offer through web or cd for 035 exam (probably has a practice exam or two in it) and then i'll just studying wht i can from several books for the associate one. thnx for ur help ^_^
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