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Are there any plans to update the exams for this certification in the near future?

Two main sections of Part I regarding EJB 1.* seem to be outdated. (See below)

Section 4: Enterprise JavaBeans Technology
List the required classes/interfaces that must be provided for an EJB technology.
Distinguish stateful and stateless Session beans.
Distinguish Session and Entity beans.
Recognize appropriate uses for Entity, Stateful Session, and Stateless Session beans.
State benefits and costs of Container Managed Persistence.
State the transactional behavior in a given scenario for an enterprise bean method with a specified transactional deployment descriptor.
Given a requirement specification detailing security and flexibility needs, identify architectures that would fulfill those requirements.
Identify costs and benefits of using an intermediate data-access object between an entity bean and the data resource.

Section 5: Enterprise JavaBeans Container Model
State the benefits of bean pooling in an EJB container.
State the benefits of Passivation in an EJB container.
State the benefit of monitoring of resources in an EJB container.
Explain how the EJB container does lifecycle management and has the capability to increase scalability.


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