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urgent help needed pls regarding LOGO

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hello friends this is sudhakar . i really need help
pls urgent

i wrote scjp 5.0 certification in august and cleared succesfully

i got all certificates but for logo i have to send the mail which cost me around 620/- rupess to them. but,

can u any one tell how can v say to sun pupil tat i got all my cetificaties and i need the logo for my resume

i heard we can do with online in only so can u help me out pls it is urgent.....


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    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    edited Dec 27, 2006 9:32AM

    This part should be relevant to you -

    All customers that reside outside US and Canada: Once you have successfully passed one of our Java platform exams, a certification kit will be mailed to you that includes a Sun Logo Agreement. Please sign the agreement and mail it back to the address supplied. Depending from which country you mail the agreement, it may take up to month for you to receive the logo. We are currently working to provide an online logo for our International customers.

    This means you send the mail to them or wait for them to go online (which might mean months).
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