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SCJP 1.4 clarification

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Hi to all, i am planning to write SCJP 1.4 by the first week of feb.. i would like to know if writing SCJP 1.4 would be valuable at this time when 1.5 is available... i am more comfortable with 1.4. And one more clarification is that does the SCJP 1.4 exam include questions on IO classes and applets,event listeners. Thank you.


  • 843789
    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    Sorry. The exam has already been written.
    Contact Sun if you want a job to help writing the 1.6 exam (if there is going to be one).
    I do think they will only hire people who took and passed an earlier version though, so you'd better hurry and prepare for one of those.

    For the subjects covered in each exam, see the relevant pages on Sun's own website. There is a page for each exam listing all objectives.
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