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Some questions on Certification

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I have been developing in Java for these last two years now. In a year I have done a big jump in the skill set and frameworks I know and thus I feel it could be the right time for me to become certified.

However I am currently attending a three-year B.Sc. CIS course at the moment which takes most of my evening. I know in Summer I will definitely have a break on the course and wanted to ask whether it would be a good idea to start Sun Certification during that time.

So is it a summer (3 months) enough to get at least SCJP?

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  • 843789
    843789 Member Posts: 46,655 Green Ribbon
    If you have good concepts in Java then you can do it after preparing for 3 weeks in fact. You can take a good book for that look at "Best Book for SCJP" thread in this forum.

    If you don't have good concepts then you have to go through java for at least 3 months, which is a must. But 3 months must be enough if you are bright and hard working. Good luck to you.
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