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Having problem running an application

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edited Aug 8, 2001 9:24AM in Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
I have recently installed jdk 1.2.2 and i have no problem running applet but when i try to run an application i get the message 1 error can't find<filename> . java.

The path in autoexec.bat is fine. JRE File is include in my file jdk1.2.2.

I have installed and deinstalled it a couple of time and can't make it work.

Could someone help me please!!

Thanking you in advance!


  • 843798
    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    doesn't sound like a path problem at all. you say when you try to RUN the app you get a message can't find When you're running the app you run the binary class file i.e. java MainClass.class. If you're compiling the app you would do javac Clarify your situation further if this does not help you out.
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