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Very very Challenge!!

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Hello all,

Could you help this:

How to do programming in Java to get info as derived from System information tool of MS windows 2000?
esp.: Physical memory size, Harddisk space info.

How to calculate CPU utilization and some other info as derived from System performance tools of windows?



  • 843798
    843798 Member Posts: 24,864
    You have to use JNI to access System information. Getting system information itself is challenging but not in the Java territory. You may get the detail information at the MSDN of microsoft web site. You can get physical memory information and harddisk through win 32 api, or C library. Information succ as CPU utilitzation or others are available as hidden keys in the registry. These keys are not seen on the reg editor. Well, frankly, I did not do for win2000, yet. I did only for Win NT. This topic covers JNI, Windows system. Very chanllenging, surely.

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