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Using subdirs outside of the Golden Gate directory

673725 Member Posts: 26
edited Oct 12, 2010 12:50PM in GoldenGate

Does someone out here know of a way to have GoldenGate processes use a different location for subdirs (e.g. where dir* directories are located)? We are looking at a scenario where we have multiple test OS users running on the same server and like to use a read-only central location of the GoldenGate binaries (e.g. /opt/ggs) and point subdirs to a user specific writable location where user specific parameters, trail files etc can go.

Any ideas or recommendations appreciated.



  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226

    Unfortunately, here's the problem with that: you have to invoke GG from the installation directory. If you put the installation directory in your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH you can get into ggsci but can really do much from there because everything is seen as relative to the invoking directory. We are working towards making this a more standard Unix-like install.

    However, since the OGG installation is less than 100MB it can easily be installed in several places without consuming too many resources. You will need to ensure all the managers are running on different ports but you could simply softlink most of the dir* directories (dirprm & dirchk in particular) to a master directory and share out configurations that way. So an "info *" would show everyone's processes. But that could get cluttered quickly and might require scrolling around to find your processes. So it might be best just to let everyone control their own install until they get the hang of it before sharing anything.

    Good luck,
  • Joe,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, we gathered the same, maybe using symlinks to a central location of the golden gate binaries to keep users from getting into each others way. We already have a configuration infrastructure in place that can be used to generate configuration files with values specific to OS users, hence we should be able to generate MGR configurations with unique ports.

    It's good to hear that GoldenGate is looking into linux/unix style installs: most of the software used in our environment have a separation of binaries and user specific files (e.g. install directory vs. 'deploy' directory) so it would be nice if ggs follows a similar pattern.

    Thanks again,
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