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OGG based on triggers

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edited Oct 11, 2010 5:09PM in GoldenGate
today I was asked if OGG can function based on triggers.
since I know that OGG is based on redo log / archived log, I don't think the idea is practical.
Still I'm not quite sure about that. It's appreciated that any one would provide some advice.

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  • 566902
    566902 Member Posts: 809
    OGG reads from the redo logs. If you want to use triggers, take a look at ODI, it can use that method too.
  • User152973
    User152973 Member Posts: 148

    GoldenGate can function in the following 3 ways

    Change Data Capture from Transaction Logs
    In the case of most databases, GoldenGate captures changes from the transaction logs, which are
    automatically maintained by database software and contain all inserts, updates and deletes performed
    by applications. Because GoldenGate captures data incrementally from this existing source
    there is no need to devote system resources to creating a secondary log of data changes. This method
    optimizes processing speed by minimizing overhead—typical GoldenGate implementations take up
    less than five percent of system resources—even in very high-volume situations. The result is the
    highest possible performance and scalability.

    Trigger-Based Data Capture
    Where deemed appropriate, the GoldenGate platform can also perform data capture using database
    triggers. In addition, GoldenGate can be configured to enable customer applications to create their
    own change sources for data capture, transformation and delivery.

    Snapshot Data Capture
    For purposes of initial synchronization, GoldenGate can replicate point-in-time table snapshots, either
    directly or by preparing input to high-speed loaders (such as SQL*Loader, BCP and DTS).

    So, I think OGG can function based on triggers too.

  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226
    If the trigger populates some tables then we can replicat those trigger populated tables. That is to say, we can replicat the results of that trigger.

  • 789001
    789001 Member Posts: 6
    GoldenGate use to provide trigger-based CDC using a utility known as triggen, however it is no longer supported since trigger-based solution are inferior to log-based capture.
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