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Painting a 2D image on 3D canvas

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edited Dec 18, 2009 9:56AM in Java 3D
I have a 2D image of a map. What I want to do is
1) Paint this image in a 3D Canvas. And then rotate it with the help of mouse
2) Secondly do some path planning, i.e If I select 2-3 points in space on top of that map I need to join them using a line or some curve. This points will not be on the same plane.

I dont have much idea about the 3D graphics so can anybody suggest how to start to solve out the problem


  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    there is something that is called billboard but I never used it, plus you may create your own 3D plain (skinny but wide and high bar) and to add a texture to it, but that is probably more complicated then the implementation you had in mind ha...???

    one thing though, I haven't been doing much with the Java3D since I think it is still not fully developed, I mean it does have everything, its just too complicated to do simple things... such as what you want, I had the same idea only I wanted to play a video on a plain, but I went a different direction before I had the chance to really sit and do it.

    try reading the "Killer Game Programming" book amazing stuff really, just look at chapter 15 I think, where he creates all kind of effects using only code, truly impressive.

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