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java 3D chart in java swing application

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edited Dec 16, 2009 12:28AM in Java 3D
I am new to this group and possibly that I am asking an old question here. Appreciate your help very much.

Is there any free java 3D chart library ? I have a java swing application which would like to display data in chart. Basically I only need 3 types - line, bart, pie. I would like to put chart in JPannel for display.

Any example code I can study?

Thanks a lot.


  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    If you want to plot 3 data X,Y, Z values you can use JMathTool. It has a provision for 3D Line chart and Bar chart. I have used this only with static data and not with dynamically changing data.
    If you want to just add a 3rd Dimension to your, i.e. plot only X, Y values and give it a 3D look by using arbitrary Z values you can use JFreeChart.
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