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Again explaining my problem with sub:- Rotating 10 right to left ..Urgent

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edited Jan 4, 2002 10:03AM in Java 3D
Hello All,

One of our friends didn't get what I am asking (with subject :- Rotating 10 number form right to left direction....Urgent), that's why I am explaining my problem again.

Number (like 9 or 10 or 11 or...) has to rotate in 360 degrees.

We are all familiar with rotating " 3D gif's" like rotating globe and email rotating in 360 degrees.
Like wise I want to rotate numbers in 360 degrees using java3D.

Set area size with 100 X 130 with some background color and 10 number with stand-alone position.

Then 10 number have to start rotating in 360 degrees, starting from right direction to left direction, within the same place.

And this process has to be going on until next page has called.

This animation had to be placed before the company logo, notifying that out company had completed 10 years.

I know that there are too many graphic tools to develop this, but due to limitations in budget I have to complete with coding itself.

Hope You all got my problem.
So please suggest or instructions what to do, or coding if any.




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    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    Your scene can be done with following structure:
    BranchGroup -> Switch (add 10 TGs) -> TransformGroup -> Shape3D ->Text3D;
    Control TG to make a rotation,
    Control SW to turn on or off text

    Hope it may help!

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