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best documantation

843799 Member Posts: 49,999
edited Dec 19, 2001 1:29PM in Java 3D
Hi, where can I find a programmers guide for the JAVA 3D?
I am new at this and would apreciate a friendly advice on what is the best way to start out.


  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    There are basically 3 resources to use in getting started.

    (1) The Java3D API documentation.
    (2) The demo apps that come with Java3D.
    (3) Chapters 0-3 of Sun's Tutorial on Java3D.

    I am new to Java3D too and recommend looking at the demo apps first, then once you've seen some code reading the first few chapters of Sun's J3D tutorial.
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