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how to use CVS to fetch the repository

843799 Member Posts: 49,999
edited Aug 29, 2001 9:07AM in Java 3D

I want to use cvs to fetch some codes from
When I do "cvs -d CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected] checkout code " in
cvs directory, I get error message "connection refused".

what's wrong ? could some one help me?


  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    export CVSPATH="...."
    cvs login
    cvs checkout codepath
  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    Thank you.

    however, i still can't connect with server by trying your
    kind suggests.

    i have too little knowledger of cvs.
    i attach a document from about downloading the codes. You may get the right way after read it ,i suppose.

    please pardon my boring.

    " CVS Information
    This entire site is managed using CVS. It is possible to download everything to your machine to keep up to date. Warning - it's big! As we don't provide a convenient zipped form of the site, this is the only way to fetch it.
    If you do not know what CVS is, or you know but don't have any software, then you should pay a visit to the CVS Homepage. CVS allows you to do incrememental updates of files as they become available, as well as rollbacks to earlier versions. Thus, the files that you download from CVS may not always be in a compilable state, but they'll be the latest copy, pretty much whatever the developers are working on at the moment.
    Anonymous cvs read access can be had by using the following CVSROOT setting:
    CVSROOT=:pserver:[email protected]:/home/cvs/j3d/cvsroot
    There is no password required. (ie hit enter when asked).
    Of course, you need to know what to download once you have logged in. Here is a list of all modules in the system. A few of them are definitely work in progress and not pretty. Buyer beware!

    Module Description
    code The code repository
    code_website The repository website
    faq The raw contents of the FAQ. Text and XML files
    faq_code Java code used to generate the FAQ
    ftp The raw contents of the FTP site
    scripts Various scripts used to maintain cvs and the site
    setup Raw files, templates etc to get working
    website The core pages of the main website (
    jobs The nacent, yet uncomplete jobs area

    ps. my os is Win98.

    Your more hints are very valued.

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