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too much memory! what is going on?

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edited Aug 24, 2001 2:19AM in Java 3D
hello again, it seems that java3d is allocating TONS of memory on my machine and not giving any of it back. Even the demo programs take huge amounts of memory, and once i exit, i cant recalim any resources. This happens with both opengl and directx, i think to a lesser extent with directx, but im not sure. I certainly cant run a game in java3d (even though its pretty light) with it crashing the computer by rotating a freakin color cube for a minute. Ive checked the runtime.freeMemory() totalMemory() and maxMemory() functions. I get usually around a meg for free memory (which drops like a rock i might add) total memory is always 2megs or so, and max memory is 100megs. any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    How much memory do you have in your computer?
    Are you running any threads?
    Are you running in the SDK or using the Runtime?
    How are you compiling the programs?
  • 843799
    843799 Member Posts: 49,999
    its happened on my home and work computer both with marginal graphics cards (not fully 3d accelerated) 64 megs of ram, using windows 95, same effect with open gl or directx, in the sdk and jre 1.4. I dont really get whats going on, i ran a memory observing program and a simple color cube manipulator doesnt use too much ram, but after 5 minutes the computer wouldnt do anything else. Im compiling normally, and it does the same on the "hotspot" and "server" vm. simply running the hellouniverse test app for more then a few minutes does this.
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