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Problem on loading applet netscape4.73 in macos9 very urgent pls help me

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edited Sep 24, 2002 3:52AM in Java Applet Development

Problems on loading applet in Netscape4.73(jre1.1.5) AppleMac OS-9.

when i try to load applet of size ~ 200kb in Netscape 4.73 AppleMac os9, then browser abruptly closing with the AppleMac os error message :- the Applicarion " Netscape Communicator " has unexpectedly quit because an error of type 2 occured. And then asking for system restart.

Since i am new to the AppleMac environment i cant adjust the settings please help me to overcome the problem. Its Very urgent and i am in great hurry pls.

thanks in advance.

Rao. V.N.


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    843807 Member Posts: 46,582
    Hi Rao,
    I'm not a mac-os specialist (even I had some business with mac !!), and it is very difficult speaking in blind, but I have severals questions that may help you.
    - Did you try you applet in other AppleMac plateform ?
    - Does your applet work fine in other browser/plateform ?
    - Does a small applet work fine on this plateform with this browser ?
    - Does you applet contains instructions like System.exit, System.* or try to access (read or write) to local files ?

    Otherelse it is possible you have problem with your jre config, try to configure your plugin with command like : -Xmx64m -Xms16m
    (These commands tell the plugin to use at least 16 Mo memory and 64 Mo for the maximum see :

    Hope that will help you
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