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generate tree from flat-file or DB

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edited Jun 22, 2010 4:52AM in Java Desktop Applications
hi im new to java and i could really need some help tips or advice.

iv got this application im working on and im not sure whats the right step in need to approach is howw the applications going to work it has a form were i can add members detail plus has an active and distractive button it will have 4 fields labeled level1 to level4 inside the level fields it will contain i whether i save the data in flat-file or DB then there will be a button called view downlines.were it will show a tree structure of each level down for each members. hope you understand
what im trying to explain any help will be much appreciated thanks. one other thing after some research ill better go with database how can i create a database with a table that contain multiple data meaning a hierarchical db model that i can use jtree late to populate my data?

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