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Live Parsing feature of Studio 4 ???

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edited Mar 3, 2003 9:09PM in Java Desktop Applications
Live Parsing feature of Studio 4.

When you enter code, if the line has an error in it Live Parsing is supposed to put a red "squiggle" under it after a one half second delay. So if you entered the following line:

Strings abc;

It should recognize the extra s on the end of String and mark it within 1/2 second.

Does anyone know how to turn on this feature?

Thank you,



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    AFAIK, this feature does not exist in the IDE. The parser feature only performs code completion, not source code error parsing. The only code error reporting requires compilation.

    Now, jEdit, via a few of the plugins, will parse errors w/o a compile - I think JBrowse, Jalopy formatter, and JavaStyle formatter do this.
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