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Developing a GUI -> Advice needed.

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edited Feb 14, 2003 1:46AM in Java Desktop Applications

I need to write a GUI for a Java application. I am currently using Forte for Java, which I like. I am assuming that if I buy JBuilder that it will be able to build a GUI fairly quickly. I don't know what Forte for Java offers as far as Rapid GUI development, as basically I have just started using the product.

Basically my question is:
Should I develop the GUI manually, or use a GUI builder?

If I use JBuilder, I am afraid that I will basically be locked into using a particular vendor.

Any advice is appreciated.


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    843807 Member Posts: 46,582
    Depending on experience I suggest writting it by hand. This will take time but you should get familiar with swing. Having said that. Before you go out to buy JBuider ( expensive ), I suggest you go and download netbeans. Its a free IDE with GUI builder. This is a Sun based product and again its free.

    With this tool as with most java gui builders you can drop your own beans in. Both visible and invisible. So for example you have: MyTextbox extends JTextField you can add this to your component pallete. . meaning that you are able to drag and drop your own components into the frame.

    There are some rules that you should adhear to. . When editting the code in netbeans the necessary generated code is non-editable. You can edit it in another editor, but it may not load and display properly the next time you look at the class in the GUI editor../ . Imagine this to be the same with most editors. Anywho, I've said to much already. . .have fun with this one
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    Thank you for the information!,

    So it sounds like you strongly recommend net beans over Forte For Java?
    Is this true? I like Forte For Java but it seems to be slow.
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    Interestingly, Forte for Java is based on the NetBeans IDE !!
    Therefore, if you are of the idea to use NetBeans, you may as well continue using Forte itself..

    Try initially to code by hand. That will help you build a strong foundation. Then u can go ahead with using a visual builder. As far as I am concerned, Forte is probably the best IDE for Java, If u r planning to buy, then go in for IBM Visual Age. It is equally good.

    Also, if u r still bent on using JBuilder, u can download a free personal edition..

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