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get a line in JTextArea

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edited Feb 13, 2003 4:35AM in Java Desktop Applications
Hi. I don't kwow how to get the line over the actual cursor position in a JTextArea.
Thank you for suggestions.


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    What was that agian ?Icouldn't get it .
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    You want to get the text from the JTextArea?
    //Create your text area.
    JTextArea myTextArea = new JTextArea(...);
    //Later on, get the contents.
    try {
        //get the text from position Zero to the end of the text.
        String text = myTextArea.getDocument().getText(0,
    } catch (Exception e){
        //You must catch or throw the BadLocationException,
        //but you shouldn't get one.
    //The contents of the JTextArea are now in the String text.
    Hope this helps. you'll have the entire text area as a string.
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    getLineOfOffset(int line) 
    method will give you the line at the given offset, where the parameter must be the caret position

       int iCaretPosition   = txtAreaObj.getCaretPosition();
       int iLineNumber = txtAreaObj.getLineOfOffset(iCaretPosition);
    Hope that helps...
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