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Can't run my JAI program in client side. Pls Help!!

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edited Oct 1, 2002 9:31AM in Java Desktop Applications
I can't get my program run in client side (Win2K). The machine is successfully installed with JAI installation for JRE and JVM. I wrote a .bat file like:

java -Xmx36m package.mainClass.

The error message is javax/media/jai/JAI
and so on.....

The program work fine on my own machine with JDK1.4 and JAI for JDK.

Does it mean it can't locate the JAI classes in client's JRE?? I don't think I can package all the imported jai classes to the client!!

Does anyone has any suggestion?? Thx for help in advance!


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    843807 Member Posts: 46,582
    "installed" doesn't set the class path (I don't recommend using the system classpath environment variable unless absolutely necessary, may cause a lot of confusion). The specific jai class you are looking for is in jai_core.jar (look at them with the jar command or winzip if you have it). There are other jai classes which may need to be on the classpath - however you set it up (e.g. set classpath, use -cp on the command line, java extensions).
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