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JBuilder vs JDeveloper

802009 Member Posts: 1
I am learning Java and intend to appear in Java certifications. Which development tool should I choose to prepare for the Java certification ?


  • forumKid2
    forumKid2 Member Posts: 383
    The IDE doesn't matter, it's the Java knowledge. The IDE's just help the developers, but they are not going to write code for you.

    I've never used JBuilder so I cannot comment. I've used JDeveloper for years and it's a great IDE. But for over a year now I've been using Eclipse and I'd never switch back.
  • jwenting
    jwenting Member Posts: 4,864 Gold Badge
    for certification training you shouldn't use an IDE at all.
    The exam assumes (in fact that's what it tests) you write your own code and know what's happening. IDEs prevent such understanding from developing, by writing a lot of code for you (and especially with things like JDevelope, JBuilder is better in that regard) by even hiding from you that that code exists at all.
  • 796311
    796311 Member Posts: 384
    also, you must understand the syntax and compile rules which IDE's do for you.
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