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Oracle Standard Edition and GoldenGate for replication?

user10173525 Member Posts: 5
edited Oct 2, 2010 1:16PM in GoldenGate
The Question:
Can GoldenGate run in a Standard Edition RAC ==> Enterprise Edition standalone environment and perform the required rule-based replication without requiring an upgrade of our RAC Standard Edition to RAC Enterprise Edition?

The environment:
Source System: 2-node RAC running Standard Edition (RHEL5 x86-64)
Target System: 1-node running Enterprise Edition (RHEL5 x86-64)

The requirement:
Lossless one-way replication in "real time" of selected schema while excluding selected DDL/DML based on multiple rules.

Present solution:
LogMiner, but there is a known LogMiner bug (p8977287) that causes data loss when one RAC node goes down or is evicted from the cluster. The bug is reportedly patched in and is slated to be fixed in 12.x.



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